Unparallel quality and high standard of work has always been a top priority for us. All extensions performed by us guarantee an elevated quality of work that compiles with the latest British Standard Regulations. We have always been upfront with our patrons to incorporate and integrate the architectural and engineering drawings. We made our valuable customers accessible to customized design ideas and recommendations wherever and whenever necessary. There has never been a policy of ‘built & forget’ by us. Hence, not only we construct a roof of top notch quality we design it such a way that it is safe in cleaning, keeps the house worm and reduces heating costs for customer leaving our customers with 100% satisfaction, like in this example here. This is the best award our skilled tradesman could get after such a hard work and use of authentic materials. We also keep costs negotiable for customer regarding materials attaching discount from reputable merchants because we truly believe that we are because of our customers. .